PowerToolz Express V2.0 is Released

PowerToolz Express for K2 Five Version 2.0 is released now.

It performs Dependency Analysis and also does the conversion of Activity Data Fields.

  • Conversion process now analyses the dependent components such as SmartObject, environment fields and K2 Roles. It is useful when the tool is used to convert a KPRX file from one environment into a new K2 Five environment. The tool also reports the missing dependencies.
  • Activity DataField Conversion is now Supported. All your Activity level DataFields are converted to K2 Five format. K2 Five deprecated activity data fields. PowerToolz Express allows the user to convert the activity data fields to process level data fields and formats the field name as <Activity Name><DataField Name>

These improvements allow you to convert your K2 process maps to K2 Five more efficiently.

We also fixed some issues around SharePoint client event conversion,  converting line rules that are configured using Action Result and also converting the email event and escalation attachment field part correctly.

Evaluate the latest version at https://jeylabs.com/pte

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