Why Integrate backend systems?

Systems of record such as ERPs used by Enterprises were never built around supporting today’s dynamic customer journeys.

Systems of customer engagement are numerous and varying in their capability. The touchpoint systems are social, they are mobile, they are in the cloud and they support a dynamic mix of commerce with the engagement needs of demanding consumers.

Companies that do not integrate their backend systems with front end apps run a number of risks – the most serious risk would be failing to get the full value out of their ERPs and their third party software investments.

Without the data that is captured and processes through these apps reaching the backend in real time, your complete view of a customer is not in the system.

In the case of SAP, our mission is to help customers seamlessly integrate Office365, CRM and workflow systems to SAP.

We see many of our business application customers running SAP as their core ERP. They are wanting to integrate with SAP but are discouraged by the cost, complexity and delays in getting the last mile integration properly completed.

Our partnership with Theobald Software allows jEyLaBs to bring in pre-built Business Integration Apps to help solve this problem.

Business integration apps are web applications, which can be directly installed on your local SharePoint Server or SharePoint Online and then made available to users. The seamless integration of SAP processes in SharePoint brings you closer to an integrated and uniform business platform.

These apps allow for the users without special SAP knowledge to perform complex processes directly in SharePoint – on-premise or in SharePoint Online. There is no need for training or special instruction courses to use the applications because operation is easy and intuitive. Furthermore the apps are functioning on all prevailing devices like desktop-pc, tablet or smartphone. The responsive design allows the applications to adapt to their respective interfaces.

Like to know more? please email us via sap@jeylabs.com to learn about how we can accelerate your integration to SAP.

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