Empowering Local Government is a serious business.

Since our inception in Feb 2009, jeylabs has been working with many local government agencies. We have also worked with federal and state agencies. Recently, We were at the Local Government Professionals annual conference held in Melbourne.

Gary, Emil and Thiru form our team were at the event, meeting many representatives from the local government sector and listening to their concerns.

jeylabs - transform your digital business

We believe that many of the Local Government officers and councillors want to improve the quality of services offered to their constituency. In order to deliver that though they face many challenges. Our approach is to understand and assist with overcoming these issues.

Funding is one of the major issues for any council unless they are a large metropolitan council with a lot of rate payers or one that is growing rapidly through residential development.

Typically, Councillors and Officers have different preferences to tackling the problems around service delivery. They are motivated by different needs. So, This puts them at conflict when it comes to decision making or influencing an action.

IT departments at many councils still run as if it is 1980 and exhibit old beliefs that are not in line with the growing cloud economy and the popular apps eco systems.

Some of the back end systems and investments already made on the so called Tier 1 proprietary platforms also limit the councils in rapidly delivering high quality services. Support contracts still tie them to paying high fees to these vendors for making even the minuscule of changes.

Local government is also very risk averse. So, while they talk a lot about Innovation, taking risks and moving forward fast is not something they are used to.

CSC Demo.jpegUnderstanding these and many other related issues within the local government, we have developed a strategy to invest and work closely for the long term success.

Through this viewpoint, We we’re able to find the right people with appetite for innovation. This is very encouraging. We currenlty have a number of ongoing automation projects within local government.

There is also a lot of frustration within a growing number of the councils when it comes to dealing with Tier 1 vendors. This created an opportunity for us to break in and provide high value services at a fraction of the fees usually charged by these vendors. Also being a local service provider puts us in a very good position.

By showing our commitment, flexibility and willingness to work with the councils jeylabs and other similar businesses can win with the local government.

jeylabs is a multi-award winning enterprise grown out of the northern suburbs. The Northern Business Achievement Awards (NBAA) has acknowledged jeylabs with the esteemed “Workplace Diversity Award”.

NBAA Award 2014.jpg

We also won the Westpac Businesses of the Future award in 2017. We are a proud recipient of many government grants. jeylabs is an LGPro Corporate Partner. We are also GITC Accredited.

We are committed to the success of local government. Our approach is to partner with the sector for mutual success.

We are also assisting the rural councils that often get neglected by the big end of town service providers.

Working with the local government is not child’s play. We take this seriously.

We have been heavily investing in developing tailored solutions such as the Citizen Services Central to serve the council residents. We expect to launch this platform in July.

If you are a local council interested in learning more about us and how we can help you innovate on your service delivery, please get in touch via transform@jeylabs.com

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