Are your Efforts making you Effective?

Most people know that the output of an activity does not necessarily correlate to the input that goes towards it.

Productivity improvement is generally defined as doing more with less than before.

Whether it is flossing your teeth, cleaning the city after NYE celebrations, processing invoices or getting a job, achieving the best outcome requires a lot more than brute force.

Doing the same things as before and expecting a better outcome is not going get anyone anywhere different.

Most people I know put a lot of effort into what they do and how they do it. Only a handful become effective at it and continue to get better over time. I meant they achieve beyond what the Cerebellum can help them with.

Sharpening the Sow is a crucial aspect to continued improvements. This involves the process of planning, execution and review.

In the business world, technology is heavily applied to automate repetitive tasks. People get bored with performing uninteresting or simple work. It is in our best interest to automate mundane aspects of any business.

People are also prone to making mistakes. Hence It is important to build automation into tasks that require absolute focus and precision. Typically a human-machine partnership is employed here.In order to become effective with our efforts, execution has to be precise. A lot of planning goes into it. Various people and data is gathered to make it work. More importantly the results required have to be achived within an acceptable timeline.

Most of us are facing complex challenges in today’s workplaces. Not all businesses are equiped to deal with them. Becoming effective requires continuos training and improvement of our processes. Most organisations don’t even recognise the need to not just learn but assess and review.

Learning platforms are key to enabling work forces to self train and most importantly self assess. What are you doing to improve your effectiveness at work? Contact us to learn more about how our Learning solutions can help make your workforce effective.

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