Why Hyperfish for your Directory?

1. Many enterprise apps are dependent on A healthy Active Directory to provide a good user experience. AD is one of the most accessed data sources.

2. People are your key asset. AD is often the source of truth for a large portion of staff information – location, phone, profile picture, manager info.

3. Inaccurate AD data leads to routing errors – memberships, manager info, location, skills, approval limits.

4. Apps related to staff personal data or leave or salary can be negatively impacted with incorrect AD data.

5. AD health can impact the user experience in many scenarios – data security, app performance, multi device rendering and solution scalability.

6. Inaccurate AD data can result in higher software licensing and maintenance costs or compliance issues or even security breaches.

Hyperfish completes your AD and helps your AD to Effectively manage itself.

Try Hyperfish today.

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