Are you missing at family dinners?

Small business owners in Australia work the most in the world. Increasing numbers of Passionate Aussie battlers have chosen the path of entrepreneurship as the way to financial freedom and are turning ideas into businesses. While this is a welcoming trend often the effects of hard work result in broken families and bad health.

I have been lucky enough to still have a great family around me. I have certainly missed countless family dinners and had my share of health issues.

It is hard work for over many years, 8 and counting in my case, to build our hopes and dreams into a business reality.

I share the passion and vision of many fellow business owners for our country, families and individuals. My ultimate goal is to become the best version of myself and leave a legacy through great businesses and philanthropy.

Hard work is not necessarily the only way to achieve this all. We can slow down a bit, take a break and make it to that family dinner table. But, to show a great example to our next generation, we need to be consistent in our approach.

Working smart means selectively delegating, outsourcing and investing in the right parts of your business. This gives you the time to do the things you love.

Delegation doesn’t mean you are not in control. Outsourcing doesn’t mean someone else is now in charge.

When you invest time and energy to pick the right people to assist, you can have control and achieve the outcomes you need. I say, you get way better outcomes than you could ever by yourself.

By using other businesses that are passionate about customers just as you, by hiring the right staff and motivating them, by selectively offshoring parts of your business processes, this is possible.There are many Cloud based systems to automate bits and pieces of your business. There are cost effective means to automate your payments. You just need to be careful about using the right ones.

I have gone through this with most of my businesses. I have now delegated over 90% of my work to trusted people in my teams. I am very pleased with the outcomes. The best one is the post dinner family cuddles.

You dont have to wait for years to start optimizing your business. You can start now. The benefits are not just the family cuddles. Your business can scale well and you can exit way better. Begin by educating yourself.

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