How best to upgrade to K2 Five?

screenshot-2017-11-23-18-53-05.pngK2 Five is a major release. It is an obvious choice for many K2 customers to upgrade to K2 Five. According to our snap polls, over 70% of customers are moving to K2 Five.

We would like to share some tips on your upcoming K2 Five upgrades to make your experience better.

In general, All K2 server and client components should be upgraded at the same time. It is important you aim to keep them all on K2 Five.

Some K2 components are deprecated in K2 Five. Designers like K2 Studio and K2 for Visual Studio are being retired and will be marked as “Legacy” components.

All versions of K2, except for K2 4.7, are retired on 31 December 2017.  We encourage all K2 customers to upgrade to K2 Five. This will ensure that you are able to leverage the latest of K2 innovations.

K2 is dropping support for older operating systems, databases, frameworks, etc. The installer will not allow you to install K2 Five unless you are on a supported OS, .NET framework and are also using a recent SQL server release.

When upgrading, Browser compatibility is very important to check. Dont forget to test all  critical functionality of your mobile apps too.

PowerToolz is a great tool to get your hands on now to ensure all your regression tests are setup right. This will provide an efficient way to ensure the K2 upgrade didn’t break anything.

K2 Five also requires that all your workflows to be converted to the K2 Five format so that you can then use the awesome new process designer to maintain them.

TIP : Before jumping in and start converting everything, do a stock take and clean up the house. If there are forms and workflows not being used or not relevant anymore this is a great opportunity to cull them.

jeylabs PowerToolz Express is a purpose built Workflow converter for K2 Five. It accelerates your process conversion from previous K2 versions to the latest of K2 Five.

BTW, Upgrades are not for everyone. If you absolutely must remain on a technology that is blocked by the K2 installer, then you cannot upgrade to K2 Five. It is best for you to then remain on K2 4.7 until such time you can move onto a supported technology.

jeylabs offers K2 Assistance packages to help you get the best of K2 Five fast. Subscribe to a suitable package now.

We also invite you to Join us for an informative webinar to learn how best to upgrade to K2 Five.

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