How to Find Clarity amidst Noise?

In a very busy 24×7 world of business, Focusing on the right things is critical.

This applies to every team member, all the way from delivery, sales, marketing, support to management.

We hear increasing levels of noise at our work places these days. Social media is on our phones and we get repeating alerts from various channels and tools.

It is all mainly due to people we care about and their activity. So much information get passed around and not all of it is useless but most of it is not useful to you at that point in time.

There are so many messages get sent about people joining teams, marketing messages, travel, training, incidents, promotions, good byes, birth days, name changes, new projects, customer complaints, competitions, and so on.

Managing content shock is critical to success. We can’t completely disconnect ourselves from the internet. We just have to manage it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a technology can help us deal with this. Facebook, Google and many others are already using this to serve us information that they consider relevant.

We, at jEyLaBs have built our custom applications of AI to manage this in our own ways. For example, We have tone analysers that monitor and manage our electronic communications and then push relevant messages to teams based on the analysis.

We use this to manage our priorities.


Within our system, Support tickets, customer visits, sales activities, marketing campaigns are all linked and analysed using AI.

This allows management and other key staff to focus on the critical things that are aligned to our strategic goals.

There are big opportunities for applying AI to assist with better decision making. Based on some of our internal work we are excited about the positive change this technology can bring to businesses.

Talk to us about how you could apply AI to your internal business processes and find clarity amidst all the noise. Contact us via

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