What information are you consuming?

We consume oxygen to be alive. Along with every breath we take there are other substances that enter into the body.

Every bite of food whether processed or not, eventually becomes part of our bodies and blood.

Every input that comes into our senses gets processed by our brain and leaves a trail of effects.

Be careful about what you see, hear, think and surround yourself with. Social media can destroy you if you are not careful. Drinking too much coffee or eating burgers or anything with no checks and balances can bring your life existence into a zombie before you know it.

There is so much has already been written about. I just want to look at the information we feed ourselves.

I remember this from my readings. “Tat Tvam Asi” is one of the grand pronouncements. I interpret it as follows:

You are who you believe you are.
You are who you think you are.
You are who desperately whom you want to become.
You are who you spend most your time with.
You are what you think about most of your time.
You are who you consciously become.

Subconsciously there is so much we process in our brains. And all that affects who we are and who we will become.

It is absolutely critical for us all to become
More mindful of this.

We can control what we process and how. How we react to anything is actually within our control. Controlling our own reaction is critical. It is not taught fully yet at schools as to how to master this. We can learn this. Some call this mindfulness, some call this meditation or conscious consumption.

A routine is required to consume consciously.

Create a daily routine so that when you start your day, make a promise to yourself on how you will consume and what you will allow to be consumed that day.

End the day with a conscious review of what you consumed and how. Use this to help you plan the next day.

What information have you consumed today?

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