PowerToolz Express for K2 Five has landed

Hello K2 world!

Please Welcome PowerToolz Express.


jeylabs has been working on this project for sometime now with our good friends at K2.

PowerToolz Express is a conversion tool. It takes your workflow definitions (KPRX files) and generate the equivalent K2 Five process maps.

The UX allows one to connect to a K2 Five server environment and selectively analyse, report and convert processes from the (now) Legacy K2 4.7 format to the modern K2 Five infinite process designer canvas.

Users can also import .kprx files individually from disk.

PowerToolz Express doesn’t auto deploy the processes yet. It converts as much of the process definition as it can to give you a head start.

It then allows you to save the process as a K2 Five workflow.

This gives you a chance to further Fine tune and make any desired changes before you deploy the process.

PowerToolz Express is designed to progressively add additional conversion capabilities incrementally. We are working to a road map and will be continuously updating the tool. We will add more features and evolve it alongside the K2 Five platform.

Using PowerToolz Express, you can pace your K2 Five upgrade. This tool will save you a lot of time from having to deal with converting any common workflow patterns or commonly used event wizard configurations.

PowerToolz Express for K2 Five

Please learn more at https://jeylabs.com/PTE also Register for our webinar here

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