PowerToolz 5 is coming!

We have been busy working at jeylabs on the next version of our flagship PowerToolz for K2 product.

Given the upcoming K2 Five release, this is a very exciting time for us. K2 Five is a revolutionary product that brings amazing feature sets and choices to help you automate your forms and business processes.

We want to bring the next version of PowerToolz fast for the benefit of all K2 customers out there.

With the release of PowerToolz 5, we will provide full automation support for testing, troubleshooting, administering and migrating your K2 applications to K2 Five.

Regression testing is important when you update your K2 software. It is important to have a suite of Test scripts to quickly run and confirm the upgrade and even validate performance improvements and enhancements. PowerToolz is the best tool for this.

We will also have some features in PowerToolz 5 to assist existing K2 4.7 users move to K2 Five fast. One of these features will allow for K2 4.7 workflow definitions to be converted to K2 Five easily and automatically so that you can use the new and improved K2 Five process designer to maintain these workflow process maps.

This feature set will save you tons of time, reduce any mundane manual workflow conversion steps, associated change management risks and costs.

The good news is, jeylabs is already working to release PowerToolz 5.

We are very excited about K2 Five and can’t wait to share with you what we have built with it in PowerToolz 5.

Please check out Test & Admin Automation capabilities you can leverage with PowerToolz for K2 at http://powertoolz.com.au. This is a great time to evaluate PowerToolz and to get your regression test cases in order.

We also have special assistance packages available for you at https://jeylabs.com/services/coe/K2-Assist. If you need any assistance please reach out to us via powertoolz@jeylabs.com.au

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