Where is Microsoft taking us?

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It was refreshing to watch Satya’s keynote at the Microsoft Ignite conference last week – how serious Microsoft is about empowering everyone. I did “hit refresh” on that YouTube video a couple of times – Satya sounds better at 1.25x speed.

It is clear to me that Microsoft is going to finally dominate the Digital Transformation battle field. This is good news to hundreds of thousands of my fellow Microsoft partners.

Screenshot 2017-10-07 22.20.03.png

I think Microsoft deserves to dominate here due to decades of hard work helping millions of developers with fantastic tooling, years of investments in cloud and its inspiring leadership.

Applications have always been at the top of the business technology food chain. Therefore app builders play an important role at Enterprises. With AI, MR, BigData, Mobile and Cloud at our disposal many of the “X-First” solutions will be flooding the apps markets in the next 12 months. Brace yourself.

I am most inspired by the work Microsoft has been doing in the Quantum space. Although most of us will not “get it” anytime soon, this is going to make Nadella another Musk, if he succeeds. All the best Microsoft!

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