Get ready! K2 Five is coming!!

K2 has announced the upcoming release of K2 Five, the next version of its BPM software.

One of the highlights of K2 Five is the reimagined process designer.

K2 will also release the K2 Cloud, a managed cloud service offering shortly.

These are some of the major capabilities of interest to customers.

Analytics: Rich reports and visual analytics deliver the information needed to identify issues and drive optimization.

Mobile: Responsive user experience that works on all major devices, whether on or offline.

Security and Governance: Comprehensive, role-based management tools that provide security and governance on all aspects of the platform.

Deployment: The platform is flexible and can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises.

Pre-built Apps: Customers can choose from many customizable pre-built processes or use the K2 App Wizard to quickly create a new process in a few steps.

jEyLaBs will be running a webinar on K2 upgrade tips and suggestions for K2 Five specifically.  Learn more here:

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