Hawkeye : Beyond Automation

Experts have been talking about digital transformation for years now, yet most organizations are struggling to make meaningful progress.

To realize your transformation goals, you need to move beyond automation to focus on process optimization.

Any business process that is currenlty automated should be monitored.

When you better understand your automated processes, you can make smarter decisions about what actions to take to improve them.

If you could measure your automated processes you could improve their outcomes. It is critical to be:

  • Tracking how many and how much of the processes have been automated
  • Measuring how those processes are performing on a daily basis
  • Understanding the effectiveness of your automated processes – cycle times, cost, etc
  • Demonstrating the business impact driven through this automation- ROI, TCO

In order to get this level of actionable information, There is significant work involved.

You will have to invest in data experts to build out data modelling structures to create powerful visualizations. If you dont do it right and the insight derived isn’t actionable, or not connected to the processes, it often ends up being meaningless.


Using Nintex Hawkeye, your entire business can gain the visibility to measure scope, effectiveness, and business impact of processes automated with the Nintex Workflow Platform.

Ease of use has been important to the success of any application.

Nintex Hawkeye is:

  • Informative: Delivers the visibility to see the size and scale of workflows, and equips you with the necessary information to measure and understand business process performance.
  • Intuitive: You don’t need to be a BI expert to connect data or create powerful dashboards. Pre-configured dashboards and a built-in connection to Nintex data sources enables you to go from data visualization to process optimization seamlessly.
  • Actionable: You can avoid unconnected information that is difficult to use or simply a distraction from the real challenge. You can surface insight that connects directly to processes, resulting in adoptable insight and enabling a cycle of continuous improvement.

jEyLaBs is a Certified Nintex Partner and we can assist you with taking your Nintex automation to the next level. Contact us now via hawkeye@jeylabs.com

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