How do you improve your processes?

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In today’s dynamic market, organizations often struggle to improve productivity while at the same time facing pressure to reduce their costs. To find ways to improve business performance, managers employ consultants who analyze company processes to find bottlenecks.

This analysis is typically done by conducting interviews, which is a time-consuming and costly method, plagued by subjective views of employees. Interviewees tend to focus only on certain aspects, have an ideal scenario in mind, and simply aren’t aware of the whole picture and all the variations of a process that occur. And then there are “office politics” battles due to organizational issues where different stakeholders have different views.

jEyLaBs partners with Minit software to make this situation better.

To provide objective suggestions for improving and redesigning processes Minit takes advantage of the data available within the organization. Event logs extracted from a range of business systems such as ERPs, CRMs, Service Management Systems, BPM, LOB, and others, are analyzed with special algorithms, which instantly create accurate process model without using any apriori information.

Minit detects problems, highlights bottlenecks and process steps that are taking up time and driving up costs, helps identify most productive team members and much more. It lets consultants see exactly how people, machines, and software in interact, and understand what happened, why, and what’s going to follow in the future. It presents all this information as an interactive process map that highlights actionable insights that help boost productivity, and drive efficiency and growth.

Learn more about how we can assist.

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