Why Quality Testing is Critical to Success?

Businesses are often restrained by pressures on many sides. Increasing need to keep costs down and improving output levels with less than what they had before is not an easy task. When under pressure, It is often too easy to get carried away with the temptation to compromise quality, And that always end in tears.

Be the change you seek.

If and When Quality Standards are set high in an organisation, and in projects from the begining, and maintained throughout, there are many benefits to be reaped by everyone.

It is not easy to hold people accountable for the standards set. But, that is what standards are for and leadership is all about.

In a software business, faster development, lower levels of stress and ease of adding new features and functionalities, are some of these benefits your developers get to enjoy as a reward when you set high quality standards.

It is also important to note that, when delivering uncompromised software quality is considered as the only option, your teams may end up focusing too much on defect free software than releasing a feature rich app.

An intricate balance to be achieved between Quality testing and Usability of the features to achieving outcomes for the business.

Testing Software for Optimal Quality

At jEyLaBs, when a solution is developed the following are addressed:

Testing individual functions

Also known as unit test, these tests highlight standalone defects in the software that effect the overall performance and end user experience. This can be in the form of automated test series able to catch problems early on, simplifying the rest of the testing process.

Testing separate functions in conjunction

For your software or web application to become bug free and run smoothly, it is important that all individual programs to work together in tandem, without compromising performance.

Testing the solution as one

To deliver a flawless end user experience it is important that the software is tested by an independent person or body, someone who was not involved creating or fixing the software. This is a great way to ensure that the intended value is delivered to the users.

jEyLaBs PowerToolz  automates testing. It allows you to trouble shoot instances, fix errors, compare various versions of the app, manage processes, and generate and deploy test scripts with ease.

We use PowerToolz as part of our quality control regime.

Timely Upgrades

Software and apps require periodic refreshes to correct faults in previous versions, improve performance and adapt to changing environments.

Especially for Legacy systems, regular testing, upgrading and maintenance is highly critical to ensure software is maintained to function at the level of quality the business requires.

At jEyLaBs we advise clients to regularly review their upgrade cycles to keep abreast with the new features, capabilities and enhancements.

In general, updates:

  • Offers protection from cyber threats
  • Optimises supportability to maximise workflow efficiencies
  • Facilitates compatibility with other complex environments
  • Reduces overall IT costs through faster diagnosis of bugs
  • Enhances competitiveness with greater market readiness to meet customer demands.

So, How regular should you be updating your software to improve quality?

Maintenance and Support

Undoubtedly, timely response to glitches and seamless functioning of the software over a period of time, are leading factors ensuring consistent app quality.

To guarantee continued leverage of your IT investments, jEyLaBs offers round the clock software maintenance and support services.


High quality software conforms to end-user requirements, be it in the form of features, specifications, performance, compatibility or being up to date.

Regular testing, upgrades and uncompromised support not just ensures the delivery of a breakthrough solutions but also extends the life of the software to help businesses get the most out of their investment.

To improve the quality of your apps you use to run your business every day, at jEyLaBs we offer the following:

  • Test planning and test automation services
  • Guidance on timely software upgrades
  • Preventive maintenance and superior support

To learn more about how we can help improve the quality of your software, get in touch with us today.

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