How to Drive Digital Transformation with Data Extraction and Capture?

Industry Statistics suggest that up to 90% of enterprise content is unstructured. This results in significant “dark data” – information that is buried or hidden within organizational documents. Information that may be valuable or confidential, business-critical or defensibly delete-able…. but is difficult to find and manage.

How does a company gain control of all of this potentially vital data without making a huge investment in manual labor?

As the ECM market has evolved, data capture has gone from merely the physical transformation or scanning of paper documents, to including digitally born content. jEyLaBs partner Adlib enables organizations to take digitally born or post-scan paper content to a new level and extract critical information from dark data.

Data extraction supports organizations by optimizing their day-to-day content management functions – automatically identifying content within repositories, and zones within content, that are of greatest interest, and seamlessly converting them to XML or other formats ready for further downstream processing – from managerial review to big data analytics.

Automate Capture and Data Extraction Processes with our Partner Adlib.Now available in the cloud and by subscription.

Visit jEyLaBs and Adlib at the Digital Workplace Conference Sydney at stand 13 or call us on 1300 767 550 to discuss further.


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