Skybridge accelerates outcomes with jEyLaBs hybrid delivery approach

Skybridge Group is a specialised service provider who installs, maintains and manages client assets.

Skybridge provide a transparent first-class experience of provisioning, managing and reporting its activities to its stakeholders and sub-contractors.

jEyLaBs has been engaged with Skybridge since February 2016 to improve their systems and processes.

We provided consultancy services through Business Analysis, Mobile Application Development, Data Visualisation, Agile Software Development and Test automation using a Hybrid team as well as Enterprise Architecture Review and Design.

Skybridge have been delivering many large programs of works with varying requirements to their clients. These requirements needed to be implemented in a key system being used to manage over 20,000 Ticket of Works (ToWs) for any given month.

Introducing a hybrid delivery team allowed Skybridge to grow and shrink the development team based on demand. This was not only a helping hand with reducing a large backlog of work but this was achieved in a cost-effective manner.

Our Hybrid delivery approach was key to the success of this engagement. The core team consisted of an on-shore technical consultant working in parallel with Skybridge’s in-house development team. Supporting this structure were a number of our off-shore .NET resources, one of which was delegated as the team lead to manage communications between the two teams. In parallel and as required, business analysts, mobile development experts and data visualisation analysts were also involved in proposing and executing change implementation.

Skybridge were successfully able to reduce several months of backlog and then address some of the architectural concerns to help their platform to scale.

Photo of jEyLaBs CEO with SkyBridge CIO taken during a visit to Skybridge premises in May 2017

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