True Test Automation (TTA) is Now here for K2

Test Automation typically means running a series of test scripts with a click or on a schedule or on an event happening such as a code check-in.

TTA for K2 with PowerToolz

Most organisations we interact with still manually test their applications. Team of testers are used to take on this task when required.

Over the time they have documented these test steps and deployed scripting to automate this effort to some level.

When it comes to configurable business applications and low code platforms, test automation still stays manual for the most part.

Manual testing is costly, slow and unreliable. It is a bottle neck to innovation. It robs the benefits brought to you by the awesome low code platforms.

PowerToolz for K2 was invented to radically improve this situation and we have been steadily making progress ever since.

Today, we announce the availability of what we call True Test Automation (TTA) to K2 users.

True Test Automation for K2 simply means, After you acquire PowerToolz and once you setup the tool, there is not a lot left for you to do.

PowerToolz will completely manage your K2 testing. By continuously monitoring the K2 environment, PowerToolz will auto generate test scripts and execute them for you.

There are plenty of options made available to configure PowerToolz’s True Test Automation features the way you want it.

You can configure test data generation, test users and test actions to take or even exclude from.

PowerToolz can inspect your K2 and bulk generate test scripts for all the K2 SmartObjects and Workflow Processes you have.

This feature alone will massively reduce the upfront effort that typically required to get started with automated testing.

It can continuously test these objects on changes being made to them. It can also generate new test scripts based on previously generated scripts to test the changes made to the K2 components.

You can include and exclude auto generation or auto execution of test scripts from certain categories.

PowerToolz maintains the Test results and the metrics it collects for you automatically.

You can have the Test results emailed to you when an “exception to the rule” occurs.

We are very excited about bringing True Test Automation to K2. PowerToolz has been released today to deliver the first set of innovative TTA features.

Please evaluate the power of PowerToolz for K2 now at and accelerate your K2 success.

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