Keeping your software fit is important for consistent delivery!

Consistency is as important as quality delivery.

We have witnessed this in many organisations over the years where users getting conditioned to poor quality solutions.

We Humans are masters of adapting, aren’t we? 🙂

Usually any form or application that gets released solves a problem that users face. It starts on a good note and with a reasonably good level of user experience. However, over a period of time the performance always gets degraded.

There are many reasons to low quality forms and apps:

1) Ageing Server Hardware

2) Congested Network

3) Increased Data loads

4) Changes made to software creating unintentional side effects that were not picked up early on

5) Other software components getting slower

6) Additional Security scanning introduced at the web server, OS or network level

7) Issues at the Client level – PC, browser, etc

Let’s take a look at a scenario. Say, You have installed SharePoint. You have configured it with K2. You have built your first eForms app. You have celebrated the launch and took a holiday. You have done well.

You are now back to work. Getting the first set of applications go live is a big step forward in your automation journey. Just as you have realised the importance of eForms, it is important to keep consistently delivering the promised value of the eForms platform to your stakeholders.

The last thing you want is the solution set you delivered to become the next legacy system to go out the window or get neglected. If you dont keep up with your level of service what you have done becomes a one-off! We do not believe in one-off’s. jEyLaBs engagement model ensures that you deliver ongoing ROI to your organisation.

We do this by establishing a roadmap, specific and clearly established strategic and tactical goals, a program of reviews and mentoring. jEyLaBs support provide health checks to ensure that your SharePoint application platform is fit and well. We apply best practices based techniques based on our on-going learning and project experiences.

Our process consultants sit with you and review your cost, the visible and invisible price you are paying and the ROI you are getting. We look at tangibles and intangibles. We provide a support and training program which allows you to have a support network that cares about you and your organisation’s goals.

Keeping your software platform humming along nicely is important. Getting the maximum value out of it consistently, year on year is more important. Do you want to know what it takes to do it? drop us a line at

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