How do you drive significant business value?

Businesses are constantly working to drive serious value.

In order to stay relevant, businesses need to discover efficient ways to manage work, collaborate with teams and access information faster.

Ever increasing competition and cost pressures actually provide businesses with a growth opportunity through Digital Transformation.

Companies that embrace advanced digital technologies are able to completely transofrm themselves. They are able to attract the best talent, optimise business processes, accelerate productivity and create incredible value for their customers and investors.

In this regard, technology driven solutions such as K2 are helping companies around the globe achieve digital business transformation to mend broken processes and transform legacy systems.

Here are some of the ways businesses can drive significant value and accelerate success:

1. Streamline Work

Manual, paper based workflows are not only slow and prone to error but have a significant negative impact on overall business agility.

Utilising integration and strong workflow capabilities, business can inject more efficiency into their processes.

Businesses can detect and rectify bottlenecks as and when they arise, save time in obtaining approvals and ensure a consistent and smooth workflow every time.

2. Develop Capabilities

Less-code apps platforms make it possible for businesses today to further their in-house capabilities. They can now develop branded applications designed to facilitate business processes using not so technical users.

The ability to build quick use apps not only saves businesses the expensive planning and maintenance costs with development vendors, but they can also adjust these apps to meet their changing needs.

3. Boost Productivity

Handling small chunks of information from many different sources makes it difficult for the employees to collaborate effectively across projects and multiple business units.

Data tends to get lost, people waste time waiting, no one is sure about what the next steps should be or who needs to approve what.

Delivering the right information to the right people at the right time, is what makes K2 such a powerful business solution, thus enhancing staff productivity every step of the way.

4. Decide fast

For businesses relying on their distribution network, agility to reach the market could be all the difference they need to keep ahead of their competitors.

In order to reduce risk and quickly adapt to changing market conditions, decision makers need visibility at every step.

K2 allows development of business applications that can pull data from many popular systems such as Microsoft Office 365, SAP, Salesforce and also your in-house applications, on the go.

This drives process automation, consistency across workflows and high level visibility into individual processes, helping businesses decide fast and stay competitive.

5. Be Mobile

With massive adoption of  mobile technology, the need for businesses to make data coherent and accessible is higher than ever!

This makes taking business capabilities from on premise to the cloud undoubtedly an important step.

K2 SmartObjects enable companies to easily access data on the cloud and on premises. This means business can seamlessly integrate existing workflows and handle information sharing and content management effectively.


K2 is helping businesses deliver timely information, shrink cycle times, eliminate errors and increase overall business efficiency through powerful business apps.

jEyLaBs has years of proven experience delivering incredible solutions to everyday business problems that create operational bottlenecks weighing you down instead of accelerating your business success.

We achieve this through Digital Business Transformation powered by platforms such as K2.

If you are looking for assistance with your next K2 project, contact us now!

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