Will you still stay as a Successful Business, Tomorrow?

jEyLaBs is proud to be one of the 200 Businesses of Tomorrow, selected as a 2017 winner by Westpac‘s businesses of tomorrow program. We focus on driving the digital transformation of companies.

The Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow Program’s primary purpose is to recognise and support great Australian businesses doing well today, with a clear vision for tomorrow.

This article is based on the content from westpac businesses of tomorrow program.

Globalisation and Digital disruption are accelerating. This is rapidly impacting the world’s economies.  It is hard to imagine what a successful business of the future will be like. While we can’t predict, we could assume today’s driving forces of commerce will also influence tomorrow’s successful organisations.

The actions business leaders take now, can put their enterprise in the best possible place to take advantage of emerging opportunities. Moreover, there are certain strategies business owners can employ to ensure they have the best chance of becoming a successful Business of Tomorrow.

Consistently responding to changing consumer trends, making sure the business is as productive as it can be and focusing on management quality are three approaches business owners can use to prepare for the future.

  1. Customer focus – A major influence  is the aging population. Older consumers have very different needs to younger consumer, and smart  businesses are thinking right now about how they can meet this diverse need with new products and services.Moreover, consumers are increasingly demanding the goods and services they buy do no harm. Businesses of tomorrow are adapting to these requirements and ensuring their work results in positive community outcomes.
  1. Increased productivity – The best businesses of the future will be able to produce their products and services using fewer resources, which is also true today. To achieve this, the top Businesses of Tomorrow will be more innovative and open to new business techniques.Those organisations that aspire to be Businesses of Tomorrow should be examining how they could incorporate new practices into operations, and prioritising activities that lead to innovation.
  1. Superior management – Research shows quality management is one of the main variables that lead to business success. Businesses that aspire to greatness must focus on building strategic and leadership capacity. Great businesses must also invest in their change management capabilities. Most top enterprises are able to continually evolve and adapt to market conditions.

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