Did you Ask these questions about your move to Cloud?

Cloud is all the rage and businesses are moving to AWS, Azure, Google and others in droves.

Are you simply following the path of your competitors or peers? Or are you making an informed decision?

Here are some critical questions to answer, before you consider moving your business operations to any cloud.


Does it make Financial sense?

There is no better time to move to cloud. The cost of cloud infrastructure is plummeting and it is all great news for the business cloud software providers. Their Software as a service offerings provide much more value for your money.

However, add up the subscription costs of all your various cloud apps you will need before you make the move.

What are you spending on your IT people, IT Infrastructure and insurances?

What help you need to move your operations to the cloud without impacting the business?

Remember Cost and Price are very different things. Something that is priced low may cost you a lot more in the long run. So, it is important to run your numbers for the foreseeable future and check that they stack up.

Does it meet your Security needs?

Not all your business operations can be moved to cloud on day one. Some aspects should not be moved at all. But, most can be and some should be.

There are sensitivie aspects of your business that should remain much more closely guarded. But, ask the question whether your external hard disk is the right place to safely store your critical information?

Does it concern you if your customer data get exposed on the internet? Will that concern become more amplified if you move all your data to cloud?

Will it Improve Productivity?

With a global market and a dynamic workforce, we all need flexible systems to work effectively. If your employees can contribute to revenue generation from anywhere and at any time, then that ought to help your top line.

Does your current setup of business support systems allow for this? Would Cloud provide better support for it?

Will it help run the business your way?

The last thing you need with any so called improvement is to lose control of your business.

You may have put processes in place to run your business your way. And that setup may have to change.

This is probably a good time to re-evaluate or re-engineer some old ways of doing things.

It is okay to keep what works though.

If the the move to cloud helps your business to run as per your vision and enhances the company culture, the move will benefit your business.

Will it help your business grow?

By moving to Cloud, will you be able to serve your customers better? Can you expand into new territories? Can you scale your offerings with new products and services? Does it help you innovate faster?

A business that doesnt grow, will die quickly.

Any strategic move such as taking your operations to Cloud will have to help you grow. If you think it doesnt in the immediate future then do not move.

If you need help with perfoming a bias free impact analysis on the potential move of your business operations to cloud, please contact us via cloud@jeylabs.com

We are here to help.

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