PowerToolz – Making Your K2 More Exciting

jEyLaBs mission is to empower people to make the most of their time at work. PowerToolz, enhances the users’ overall K2 experience while simplifying many steps.

Upgrade to PowerToolz to administer and manage your K2 even faster using the following new features:

SmartForms Action User Functionality – Impersonating as a Different User

Using PowerToolz the default Action User can impersonate as a different Action User so you only need to log in once when testing a process with multiple users. This saves you time and no frustration logging in as different users and remembering long passwords or forgeting them and locking those accounts  out 🙂

It used to be the case that, you need to log in as the user when testing a SmartForms app. If the App had 5 different approver users, you need to open 5 browser sessions and log in 5 times. Not the case any more!

The “Action User” can be selected from either:

  • The K2 SmartObject for Active Directory Users
  • Active Directory

SmartToolz – New User Interface

PowerToolz now includes SmartToolz, an easy to operate user interface. This enables non-technical people to complete tasks in PowerToolz.

This was developed using K2 smartforms and will now allow mass adoption of PowerToolz in your organisation.


SmartToolz can be used with K2 4.6.11 and later versions only. If you need help upgrading let us know by emailing us (empower@jeylabs.com.au) 

Request an evaluation of PowerToolz (http://powertoolz.com.au/eval) to accelerate your K2 project success.

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