PowerApps, Flow well with SharePoint!

SharePoint has been a popular application framework for organisations. It has been providing us with capabilities to build apps and automate various business processes using workflows.

Yet, it poses challenges such as;

  • Managing a portfolio of applications
  • Providing rich mobile access for multiple devices
  • Sharing applications with colleagues
  • Design and develop applications with minimal code
  • Decoupling the business logic from the application to cloud
  • Inability to access multiple data sources seamlessly

Microsoft’s PowerApps and Flow are the ideal solution to overcome the above challenges.PowerAppSamples.png

Microsoft’s PowerApps is a framework to create applications easily in the cloud. Using PowerApps we can leverage:

  • Mobile first forms
  • Easily connect to multiple data sources
  • Custom code using azure functions

Microsoft’s FLOW is used to automate business processes by using the rich capabilities of Microsoft Azure Logic Apps. With the multiple built-in templates to select in FLOW, the effort needed to build applications is minimised drastically.


Using PowerApps, modern lists in SharePoint Online can be configured effortlessly as data sources to develop a mobile first application within minutes. To enhance the functionality of the App, just add business process automation with FLOW.

jEyLaBs has a large SharePoint delivery team which includes Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) and certified cloud developers. Our team of experts can help you with cloud solutions and accelerate your project success.

Please contact us via cloud-success@jeylabs.com

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