Does hard work, work?

Hard work only works when you apply it smart.

I believe hard work is absolutely important. But, if you are not smart as to how you go about putting your effort, where, when, how often and how long, then you will never see the fruits of your labour.

Mere hard work of slogging out at a job or a task, day in and day out, does not give anyone anything, anymore.

You only need to look at stats coming from the US to realise that the average salaries have dropped for jobs while the average costs of most things have gone up.

Sharpening the Saw is important to everyone in today’s drop shipping world. The cloud has made a lot of things possible and if you are simply following the path in front of you, please think again.

At jEyLaBs, we constantly challenge the status quo. We reinvent ourselves regularly. We question our decisions, challenge them and revisit them to ensure our system of thinking and decision making stays smart. We are not afraid to share our views.

Don’t get me wrong. We work very hard. We believe that every week passes by, we are ahead of our competitors by at least 4 days. This is how we play. We invest in innovation to dominate our markets and obliterate our competition.

We take our time to enjoy and celebrate what matters. We also take rest between major projects. Timeout is also important. We stay relevant to our customer problems. We survey the market systematically. We change how we market and sell every Quarter.

We send people on training all the time, not just when they are on the bench. We stay hungry and energetic by constantly hiring the best and training them in the latest thinking. We also regularly clean up house and let go of people who lacks drive or no longer aligned to our mission.

If you Strategise often and Execute well, if you Do them at the same rate and if you put the hard work there, then and only then it works. Hard working Smart People are Unstoppable! 🙂 If you believe you are one then come join us.

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