PowerToolz 4.7 is Released!

jEyLaBs just released PowerToolz 4.7. With this release we now officially support K2 4.7.

We encourage all K2 customers to upgrade to K2 4.7 as soon as possible to leverage the latest of K2’s innovations.

You can use PowerToolz to get your regression test suites developed to assist with a smooth upgrade and post upgrade verification.

With this release we have added two new SmartForm themes called jEyLaBs Apple and jEyLaBs Mango. Acquire them for free now from within the PowerToolz Themes Installer.

We also Support looping in SmartForm and SmartObject test script execution. This allows you to kick off multiple forms submissions with a single script execution call. Great for load testing.

Also, Multiple SmartView instances in a single SmartForm now gets special support with test scripting.

Please Request an evaluation of PowerToolz 4.7 at http://powertoolz.com.au now!


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