PowerToolz V4 is available!

PowerToolz V4.0 has been released.

This release includes the following new features and enhancements:

1. Multi Tab control support for SmartForms is now included. You can script SmartForms with multiple tab controls.

2. Configurable Control activation delay is added into PowerScript. This allows you to add delays into the test script such that real end user behaviour can now be mimicked very closely.

This delay configuration allows for SmartForm controls to be activated and PowerScript will wait for longer period of time before activating the next control as required by the test scenario.

3. You can now customise the SmartForm control assertion failure messages as you wish.

4. You can now setup unlimited assertions against any Smartform control.

5. We have added More Random data generation functions to PowerToolz. You also have test data templates for generating randomised input that looks more realistic.

6. You can now Send Log files and a screenshot to PowerToolz support team with a single click of a button.

7. We have added more Filtering options in the  UI allowing you to narrow down the information you see quickly.

8. Process management feature performance is improved and UI is enhanced to handle thousands of instances.

9. SmartForm scripting UI is now improved to list controls under specific views and it groups them by views. You can also move Views and controls as you wish.

Now, Head over to and download the latest version.

More information on PowerToolz is available at http://PowerToolz.com.au/FAQ


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