Why should you Automate your Accounts Payable?

We were at the Melbourne #Office365 Saturday presenting our Accounts Payable solution using  #K2 #Abby and #PowerBI. Check out this short video we made covering that presentation.


1. The Australian economy, although not huge compared to many western nations, is made up of complex supply chains.

2. SMB sector is a core part of This supply chain and does not have proper systems put in place to optimise their Accounts payable processes.

3. Many organisations are surprisingly still dealing with invoices that are paper based or in image/PDF format.

4. Validation and approvals usually take a long time and impacts the flow of cash within the entire supply chain.

5. Using PowerBI we were able to visualise this and provide insights into this supply chain.

6. jEyLaBs has a solution that uses K2 and Abby, integrated with Office365 to provide an effective solution to Automate your Accounts Payable processes.

Read more at https://jEyLaBs.com/AP


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