How well do you Execute?

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail. I am sure you heard this before. Planning is essential to anything. Unfortunately for me, I see way too many people worry so much about a fool proof plan that, they never get even to make a start.

Apparently, 99% of people die before they finally decide to be truly successful. It is sad.

In today’s world,  anyone can become successful as long as they have the mindset required. With the phone in your hands and access to the internet, many miracles have been made.

ExecuteBuilding a Business is never easy or trivial. You will face difficulty at every corner. My mentors helped me through my tough times in Business. I am lucky to have a great supporting network of family and friends. That helped me survive the dark days. After some seven years of entrepreneurship, I can tell you this; planning is required, but the execution is critical over everything else.

The plan is needed to get the execution right. But, you have to execute properly. No matter how good your plan may look, the reality will be different. You will still have to think on your feet and make a few more plans as you progress.

When I founded jEyLaBs, I had a perfect plan. It was in my head. It had 3 points. They were:

  1. Survive
  2. Thrive
  3. Dominate

In the early days, All I focused was on Execution. I made sure my customers are satisfied, my employees are happy, and I kept my promises. I paid everyone else first. I was so determined to succeed that failure is not an option for me.

My rear view mirror tells me all the mistakes I made. There are many lessons I earned through tears, sweat, blood and over few million dollars.

I have no doubt that I will be making more mistakes in the years to come. I am not afraid of it. But, I promised myself that I would never repeat them. I will learn from them and make me a better CEO from every good and bad decision I make.

Making decisions is the Key responsibility of a leader. When things go wrong, you ought to be there to take the heat.

My investors tell me where I need to focus so that they can get the best ROI. My customers tell me where I should focus so that they can be served well by my teams. My team of hardworking, smart engineers tell me where I should invest so that our organisation is equipped to take on the projects needing our difference. My business partners tell me how I can make them successful. My wife tells me I should take a vacation. Still, I am the guy to make that call. I have to balance the needs of everyone and execute what matters the most.

Great leaders take the time to talk to their stakeholders. Great leaders listen to them intensively. Great leaders make the decisions that count and ensures they get executed well.

So, once you have the will to do what needs to be done, How do you execute it well?

You need to systemise the execution. How you execute must become consistent. It has to yield quality outcomes. It has to be efficient. You have to be held accountable, and the system should provide a mechanism measure, monitor, track progress and more importantly fix issues that will inevitably arise. Finally, the whole process has to be fun.

I make a living by helping people systemise, optimise and monetize business processes. I understand how important automation, integration and modernisation are to any business. Most of our clients engage us through word of mouth. They have heard the legends of our K2 gods. They came to us when everything else failed. They plead us to migrate them out of their misery. These are people with Migraines. We have an obligation to help these organisations. They need their businesses transformed. So, We have to execute right. There is no room for error.

So, I guess, excellence in execution is in our blood. Make no mistake; We had our fair share of failures too. Brain surgeries don’t always go as planned.

Systemising your operations starts with a commitment to see it through. A passion for automation is a prerequisite. A clear understanding of the benefits is necessary. When the leaders understand why they have to systemise, where they are not going to focus and act then the rest plays out perfectly.

Knowing your priorities, balancing the changing needs and keeping people engaged demands the leaders have a different kind of mindset from the rest of the mobs.

Leaders are special people. Great leaders have an obsession that is managed well by themselves. To execute excellently, you need to be an insider and an outsider at the same time. This is not for everyone. But everyone can have access to this way of execution.

You need to Build your operations into a system that implements this thinking. Your system should integrate well with other things. Your system doesn’t have to be singular. It just has to integrate with all the different parts of your operations tightly.

Your system must have your business’s core values, principles and rules built into it. Your business processes should reflect your values. These have to be automated so that you are not relying on people’s interpretation.

jEyLaBs is a team of Business Technology Consultants. We systemize, optimise and help you monetize your business processes.Want to know more, contact us for a consultation. Send me a note to and start executing today.

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