jEyLaBs Trip to Seattle and the K2 Advisory Board

During the week of the 13th June, jEyLaBs attended the K2 Advisory Board meeting in Seattle, Washington. Two representatives, Gary Sasse and M Nada, shared jEyLaBs’ experiences with K2 and fellow K2 users.

The event started with K2 CEO Adriaan Van Wyk talking on where K2 is heading as a platform. We were shown latest data on how traditional IT centric approaches to creating solutions are no longer scalable and how quickly business users are starting to solve their own problems.

Along with some pretty in depth training sessions, we were exposed to the forthcoming release of K2 4.7. At this stage, we cannot say too much about it, except, what a huge leap forward. Intuitive UIs and a platform built on HTML5 will allow the most rapid ever K2 app development we’ve witnessed.

Much time and money has been invested by K2 to improve experiences from development to package and deployment. Well done K2, you have listened closely to customer feedback and delivered upon it.

jEyLaBs would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the K2 team for their warm hospitality.
Contact us on (AUS) 1300 767 550 or (Int) +61 3 9863 7601 to find out how you can prepare for K2 4.7

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