K2 Support Policy Update

K2 is preparing for the upcoming 4.7 release and more communication has been released to customers and partners. The release date for 4.7 is rumoured to be in July.

Key dates for getting K2 product support

K2 Version Support Start Support End
K2 4.5 with Update 1420 14 December 2011 4.7 Release Date
K2 4.6.0 – K2 4.6.9 13 June 2012 – 26 February 2015 4.7 Release Date
K2 4.6.10 24 June 2015 24 June 2017
K2 4.6.11 15 September 2015 15 September 2017
K2 4.7 4.7 Release Date 4.7 Release Date + 2 years

If you are adventurous, You can always continue to run older, unsupported product versions. If you run into an issue that K2 does not have an existing code fix for, you must be on a version that is within its two year support window in order to receive new code fixes.

It is highly recommended that you install the latest version to get the most up to date fixes and features of K2.

Please contact K2Support@jeylabs.com should you have any queries around extended support, upgrade, consolidation or migration. Check out our K2 CoE for support options.

Please check out this article on what you need to know about K2 4.7 upgrades.

Support on the K2 4.6.x series

When K2 4.7 releases, the following applies:

 Benefits 4.7 4.6.11 4.6.10 4.6 – 4.6.9 4.5 with 1420
Access K2 Knowledge Base, Product Documentation and Support Portal Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Download latest versions of K2 software Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Log tickets and access the K2 call centers Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
New Code Fixes, i.e. software updates outside of normal release cycle Yes Yes Yes No No

Additionally, if you encounter an issue on the K2 4.6.x series of releases (K2 4.6.0 – K2 4.6.9) that K2 has an existing code fix for, you are eligible to receive it under your normal Technical Support and Maintenance agreement.

jEyLaBs PowerToolz only supports the Latest K2 and one version below. So, when K2 4.7 releases we will only support K2 4.6 and above. For those customers under jEyLaBs extended support coverage will continue to enjoy the cover.

We are  always here to help you. Please contact K2Support@jeylabs.com should you have any further queries.

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