A Prayer to the Demo God


Oh Demo God, You are a mystery

At times,  I thought you are my misery

All through the times of Presales history

Everyone praised Demo God’s glory

So I am here to share one such story

When we lock our cloud demo accounts

When the weekly sales pressure mounts

It is the prayer I say to you that counts

and then boy our BDM buys a few rounds

Oh the mighty Demo God

The one I pray to before any demo

You are neither demon nor evil

You are loving but just a bit demanding

When I forget you punish

If I rush you still permit

My success depends on many things

Whether I listen or read properly

What I decipher from my voicemail

What was CCed to me Or the last

sentence on the mile long email from prospect

You are definitely on the list

Of Things I cross off my demo check list

Once this smart guy finishes his hard work

and leave the rest as all up to you

submit to your mercy and stay humble

You never let me once stumble

The days when all goes wrong

And I fear a looming disaster

When I just want to hide away

and vow never ever return to game play

You still wake me up with a few sparks

What a nifty work around that hence starts

My journey to infinity and beyond

That no one has ever thought of before

When my tram is running late

And I worry about that big deal’s fate

Then I remember and pray to you

Suddenly my ride speeds ahead of schedule

Or my prospect then calls to apologise

How would I take that but not your sign

You are real, very real

More than my morning cereal

At least to me in my realm

You pay for my Bimmer’s fuel

I pray for some calm every day

before the storm I always walk into

May this lead become a closed deal

You Demo God shall stamp that seal

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