Are you leading or following with Training?

Training gets talked about a lot. But, does it get delivered as advertised?

Does it give your organisation the advantages it should? Does formal training programs give your organisation results?

Effective training can raise the bar of an organisation’s skill level. Any employee’s base skill level can be increased through structured training. This can then Increase the average team member’s level of confidence and their job performance.

A major hurdle for businesses is the amount of investment required for effectively training their staff.

This investment consists of the costs of the training course paid to the provider, time cost of the employee attending the training course, lost opportunities in sales or delivery during that time, travel costs, equipment, maybe even food and insurances. This doesn’t even take into consideration the employee’s time spent away from the office and therefore time not working with team members and on projects.

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Lead the way with Training.

Disregarding these drawbacks, Training will yield benefits to the trained individuals and their organisation as a whole. The positive outputs that result from training will ensure a constructive investment has been made.

Increased productivity is the key driver to training. In some cases, re-training and re-assigning resources to different areas as part of a strategic initiative will require serious investments in training.

An Induction training is mandatory for new hires to make them dollar productive within a short period.

Consistency within the departments and organisation as a whole can be achieved through training. All employees will be provided with an equal platform of experience and knowledge attained through a standard training program. Having a mutual base understanding across the entire organisation ensures that even simple approaches to tasks such as documentation, email communications etc. are consistently interpreted and practised.

Companywide policies, procedures and standards are more likely to be followed when training has ensued, ensuring consistent understanding of why and how they are applied.

With consistency comes improved performance for the business and the individual. With relevant training provided the employee becomes better at their job through enhanced productivity.

Training can facilitate the strengthening of skills and best practices. An employee that has the support of training will have a greater sense of confidence, as they have a better understanding of their role and how it fits into the business structure. A deeper understanding of one’s responsibilities within the organisation will lead to a sense of purpose and act as motivation. Regular training will ensure that employees are kept at the bleeding edge of their respective fields and industries, ensuring the organisations competitiveness within its chosen industries.

An employee that performs to a high standard is likely to have greater work satisfaction. Employees who are provided with training will feel more satisfied over those who have to source these opportunities themselves. The provisioning of training to employees demonstrates their value to the business and that they are a part of a supportive working environment.

An employee that feels appreciated will inevitably give back through productivity and motivation ensuring a positive ROI from a business standpoint.

Non-specific training that is provided at companywide level can address deficiencies and help raise the bar within the organisation so that the organisation is more productive. Ensuring that all employees can complete basic functions within the business to a consistent standard reduces bottlenecks that can occur when employees rely heavily on others to complete certain tasks.

Employees will also have the ability to seamlessly move into other projects when they have knowledge and experience consistent with their colleagues. This ensures less time is needed to onboard team members onto projects. Consistent knowledge gathering and building of capabilities within the organisation improves a lot. It reduces supervision requirements as leaders have more confidence in employee competence.

So, here’s what we did to lead with Training at jEyLaBs. We built a learning management system. It is called Ready Steady Learn.

Ready Steady Learn is a learning system that allows users to interact with teachers and tutors effectively and sufficiently. Video content acts as the primary learning resource. Rich Text documents and images are used in supporting roles. Courses can be created for your organisation based on your requirements to ensure that you experience an effective knowledge platform. The Ready steady Learn training platform can be used to facilitate onboarding knowledge, general training and specific training to support your employees and reinforce their business function.

Ready Steady Learn is also a cloud service, providing various courses that can be utilised by an organisation to facilitate training companywide to boost productivity, enhance employee satisfaction, reduce shortcomings and much more.

Contact us via email to learn more about Ready Steady Learn.

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