Are you On the move with a phone?

I have been working with my graphics team on a new concept recently. The guys were trying out some cool things. I was getting periodic updates and new ideas were flying left, right and centre. Typical work day.

Times up and I had to go to my Physio sessions for the day. Cormack will be grumpy if I am late. So, I hurried and Took the phone with me.

Cardio done and next is some leg work. While I was getting setup my iPhone beeps. I got an email with the final design. Woo hoo!!!

Clicked open the mail. I Looked at the attachment.

Oh no…

Next minute the Phone rings. Jeff and Gary on the line talking about our upcoming event. Still eager to view the attachment, I started asking Gary about photoshop and PSD files.

Jeff asks me to forward the file to Adlib email address and about a few minutes later, I get an email back from Adlib.

And a beautiful PDF appears ….

I am licensing Adlib.

Adlib was able to convert and compress the attachment into a readable format that is suitable for a mobile user.

It is simple, seem less, fast and efficient in terms of storage and bandwidth.

How are you handling complex file formats while you are on the move?

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