Productivity and the Power of Purpose

Time is the only commodity that is equally distributed to everyone. We all get 24 hours to use, lose, waste or make in a day. This is the level playing field. 

How we used Time essentially means how we lived. Time it took you to read this sentence just elapsed. 

Time is life. Efficient use of time to have good experiences in life is very important.

Productivity improvements to master time with technology is what made our economies work all these centuries.

Working smart instead of hard is about how well you use your time to achieve your goals. To be happy and live our lives well, we need to balance a variety of priorities.

Thanks to Internet, People are more mobile and more connected than ever before in human history. 

Air Travel became possible only a 100 years ago. People used to sail across the oceans for months to get to other parts of the world. People posted things via mail service, drive for hours or fly to meet people. People waited in queues to get into libraries to get access to a book to read, learn or research.

Internet changed it all.

While the internet was born years ago, the internet as we know it is only about 20 years old. It is almost every where and more than 3 billion people are using it every day. 

The entire planet and all of its people will be connected in the next couple of decades if not earlier. This will make internet one of the most important things a human will need besides oxygen, water, food, cloths, shelter and freedom.

But, does this connectivity automatically mean we are more productive? Is Internet making us use our time well? 

While many things have become simple and efficient, we still have not realised the power of this quite right. 

I am passionate about helping people become more effective at work. Information handling and processing has a lot of opportunities for optimisation.

I see many of us still stuck with old ways and old tools to merely get by. I see businesses survive instead of looking to thrive. 

This has wasted a lot of time and many lives. It is important that businesses take this very seriously.

Purpose is very important to any pursuit. 

Productivity should be about living your life well through the mastery of time.

Are we there yet? Will we get there?

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