Could your app become addictive and more productive?

We have all seen those Notifications that keep popping up on our Smart phones. In my case Facebook, Linkedin and Buffer are the apps that send me these notifications and keep me addicted to them.

Push Notifications is a way of informing the mobile app user of any activities of interest.

In this post, I discuss a unique way of using Push Notifications to create an addictive app that is also productive. 

A Mail app might notify the user of an incoming email or a calendar invite.

Some apps use push notifications to encourage the user to return to the app and finish a partially completed task.

Some apps use notifications to celebrate success and achievement of milestones by the user.

Push notifications allow an app to grab the attention of a user. These notifications are typically originated from a backend which is mostly on a cloud somewhere.

This is quite a unique and useful ability. This never existed before outside the realm of apps. This capability is now on by default on all devices and can be leveraged by app developers easily.

It is now quite simple to build a push notification feature in any app. Out of the box support for event flood management, availability of device hooks and ease of use of APIs make it a lot easier than ever before.

The user experience of a push notification is straight forward.

You get a notification and it is displayed in a few different ways. Some integrate into the notification centre on the device. Some provide summary info. Some have a slightly detailed preview.

On touch, some notifications open the app and launch into a particular feature or execute an action. The notification simply acts as a shortcut in this case and uses the notification event as the context.

Some users get way too many notifications. They tend to ignore them altogether or they turn off the notifications completely. Once you loose a user it is a lot harder to get their attention back again.

We are yet to see Notifications used in new and ground breaking ways to keep the users wanting more.

I get very excited about gamification in apps. I believe all apps should have some level of gamification in built. I think notifications can be used to gamify the apps in new ways.

Gamification is more important for the enterprise apps than for the consumer apps. There are enough examples of consumer apps that bring out the competing nature of users. It is rare to see this in enterprise apps.

Enterprise apps tend to streamline a business process or enable efficiencies for an ugly LOB system. The expectation is, you are “working” and therefore that is not “play” time.

I think, Enterprise apps deserve to be gamified.

Work is where we really compete with the world to put food on the table and that competition should be reflected in apps for work as well.

We at jEyLaBs, build native mobile apps for enterprises and consumers. We are so excited to be working on briging gamification to enterprise apps. We do this in style by coupling push notifications.

We use Push notifications to unlock unique and interesting app features.

User behaviour feeds our notifaction engine. Our gaming machine is triggered by these push notifications. This has never been done before.

Using push notifications to carry a payload of configuration, we are able to trigger highly customised workflows within the apps.

This makes us provide very fluid, dynamic and highly addictive application experiences to the user that are actually productive for the enterprise.

We call this “Notification Driven App Experience”.

A more simplified example of this is in our jEyLaBs app. When a newsletter is sent out we notify our users.

If a user reacts within a time period and if they were the first few users to have done within our target group, they are rewarded with bonus content that is exclusive and relevant to them.

This feature is never advertised in the app and rather discovered by the user. More of these “discoveries” accelerate user “achievements” and they rank highly over time and the rewards start to kick in big time.

Our app framework provides the plumbing for Notification Driven App Experiences.

jEyLaBs would love to help you build an award winning, highly addictive and very productive application for your enterprise.

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