Can you quickly Improve Business Productivity and tangible ROI?

All Business leaders have a mandate to increase returns for shareholders. They are also expected to ensure total returns on investments are constantly improving.

Whether we are talking about publicly listed enterprises or privately run SMEs, every business is expected to turn a profit.

Successful businesses ultimately mean a growing economy.  Productivity improvements were the only activity that made global economy to grow over the centuries passed.

At jEyLaBs, we work with businesses to automate paper based forms and processes. We integrate systems and modernise interfaces such that efficiency gains are achieved.

Improving productivity and increasing return on investment requires a balanced approach. Capital expenditures affect cash flow. Careful management of expectations on projects is essential. Quick wins are crucial for positive PR and continued sponsorship from your management.

In order to ensure positive net efficiency gains are achieved, a balanced set of business metrics need regular monitoring.

Business productivity is improved massively when we automate, integrate, migrate and modernize a business’ activities end to end.

While business investment and the productivity improvements are measurable, it requires your sponsors to fully support the chosen approach. A prerequisite to this is Proper and detailed business use cases get developed and agreed to.

We see the Most common business processes get systemised by the use of backend systems. A typical enterprise has over 5 backend systems such as Customer relations, employee management, inventory, sales and financials. These are typically controlled by departmental silos.

These business systems usually dont work with each other well. Real time data integration is often a missing feature. So, Investing in information systems to extend the levels of automation is one area to make big productivity gains.

From a paper use perspective, Accounts payable, Mail room and Employee management are functions that handle a lot of paper based input. This is another area to make massive productivity improvements.

Historically, Business process outsourcing at a whole sale level has provided some big wins for certain organisations. We have also witnessed some of the same organisations, bringing back the outsourced business operations inside their corporate walls within years. Beware, going for quick wins dont always play out well in the long term.

From the perspective of extending the reach of backend systems, streamlining workflow and reducing paper through image capture, a solution platform approach is the most effective.

To achieve quick wins to begin with and then to ensure ongoing success over the coming years, deploying turn key solutions built on a Capture enabled workflow platform is mandatory.

AP Dashboard solution that we recently brought to market is based on this core principle. We built a highly configurable, feature rich, turn key solution on top of our Capture enabled workflow platform.

Our solution utilises powerful and very detailed image capture, recognition, classification, indexing and rendering capabilities built into the platform. This ensures paper based input is fully taken care of.

Even your historic paper records are able to be pushed through our platform at high speeds to perform archiving and records management.

The workflow and form capabilities of our solution platform provides seamless data access and business object reach. Our connectors generate data interfaces to a number of backend systems for read/write. They also provide a business focused  360 degree view of the world through reports.

The highly configurable nature of the platform makes it easy for catering to varying business needs. The cost of any customisation is very minimal. This is crucial for reducing upfront investments.

The platform makes it easy for businesses to deploy additional applications. There are no further costs to provide the base functionality for every other business form or capture enabled application. Platform is used by all your departments and their users. There are no more silos.

Another key benefit of this approach is the Consistent UX. The use of our platform makes all the solutions to be adopted by users quickly.

We provide updates and support for the full stack. Additional applications and new capabilities are constantly added to the platform. This allows you to get more value from the platform by acquiring additional turn key solutions.

We also have testing and management tools developed for this platform giving you end to end coverage across the full application life cycle.

jEyLaBs global delivery centres ensure that any development and support requirements are delivered cost effectively. Our support, development and testing teams are well placed to offer highest quality output at competitive rates.

Further to this, an Opex model for licensing the platform is being made available to ensure you can quickly achieve productivity improvements and ROI targets.

Our capture enabled workflow platform brings our expertise, experience and IP across world class technologies from Kodak, Microsoft, K2, Abbyy and Canvas.

Get in touch with us to see how quickly you can improved productivity and tangible ROI. Contact us today to book a personalised demo via

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