Who would you trust to preserve our history?

Man is brilliant when it comes to creation. Man often acts as the creation of his imaginations, is to be built by the destruction of others.

Man has done this many thousand times already. There are examples in history to back up my claim, sadly this also include Man’s Destruction of history itself.

Following the recent destruction of ancient temples, UN is sending boots to protect heritage listed sites. Italy’s proposal to protect sites at risk of destruction is great but can soldiers guarantee the protection and preservation of our history?

Given the way of our lives, the escalation of natural and man made disasters and the technological advancements on our beautiful blue planet, the world is not going to be same by any chance.

The change is only happening at an accelerating pace. So, It is very important for the organisations and bodies that are mandated to identify, collect, record and preserve our history to act accordingly.

We have to find a way to preserve what we have and created, from being destroyed by ourselves. We need to look for preserving what has already been identified as important for a very, very long time to come.

We need expedite the process of finding what is being lost and record it before it is too late. Ancient wisdom is already dying and the old rich culture of many parts of the world are already lost forever.

By 2050, some nations will be under water due to global warming. Some geographies will be completely different due to increased migration.

If there is no record of our history we will lose the knowledge and evidence to improve ourselves. We will be deprived of the opportunity to learn from our costly mistakes. I think our advancement as a species itself will be stalled for centuries if we don’t preserve.

Electronic preservation of world’s culture is a great option we have to mobilise the entire world to participate in preserving our own history.

There are many ways to use the advancing imaging, video, audio and virtual reality technologies to capture and save what is left.

Nature will always take care of itself and evolution will go on as it has been for ages. If we don’t guarantee preservation of our history then humans will have no say in our evolution. That will be sad.

Many institutions mandated to preserve history already have electronic records. Google already has everything about anything you want to know 🙂 and its books project is an example of what can be done now using what we already have. Wikipedia, as I see, is a version of history. Facebook owns a lot of our social data already. Many internet companies are fighting for our information solely for their benefits.

Is there global awareness and associated action to record and keep our history and the derived knowledge safe?

We have to think about preserving it for the next thousand years or more.

How are we going to store this information? how are we going to make it safe?
How are we going to capture it in its entirety and every essence of it?
How will this be made available for everyone?
How will everyone contribute to it?
How do we make sure that the records are authentic?
Who will be the guardian of this?

Will you trust the likes of Google, Facebook and others to preserve our history and potentially control our future?

Remember, Our history is worth many trillions of lives and billions of years!

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