PowerToolz 3.3 and its Process Intelligence future

We have just released PowerToolz 3.3 with support for K2 4.6.11.

Check PowerToolz at http://powertoolz.com.au

A new feature is introduced to make importing of test data easy. You can now use excel spreadsheets as input for SmartObject Test plans.

If you have datasets that you want to push through test cases, you can now easily import them from excel into PowerToolz.

This release of PowerToolz also implements some additional managed rules. These new managed rules are configurable at a Process Activity level. You can setup conditions to Notify, Escalate and Approve K2 task items automatically.

This feature is just the beginning of capabilities that are designed to improve your Approval Rating. In the upcoming releases, PowerToolz will automate new aspects of process/task management.

A deep learning engine is currently in the works. It will auto suggest managed rules based on past user behaviour.

PowerToolz will suggest actions and provide you the reasoning behind these suggestions. The goal is to provide the insight to help you make better decisions.

Using this level of process intelligence in incredible. It will enable your users to back their input and decisions with historic data.

Our Approval Rating technology will help Users, to see in real time, what their chances of approval will be for a submission they are about to make. It will also suggest ways to change their Approval Rating.

PowerToolz APIs will assist with data input for form submissions. A SmartForm control will be released to provide suggestions in realtime. These suggestions will help users improve the quality of form data input.

We are very excited about these new Process Intelligence capabilities and the positive impact it will have on your business processes. Stay tuned.

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