What more could a Windows Service bring to our PowerToolz for K2?

We have recently released a new component to the PowerToolz platform.

It is the PowerToolz Windows Service.

The automation engine that executes power scripts can now run as a background service on a machine of your choice.

It connects to a K2 environment and provides you the ability to automate K2 in new and exciting ways.

We are imagining very interesting user experiences for K2 with the PowerToolz platform.

These are some possibilities:

1. Schedule backend integrity checks

2. Periodically generate environment reports and comparisons

3. Run regression tests over night

4. Use PowerToolz mobile Apps to initiate adhoc script execution and monitor results from anywhere, anytime

5. PowerToolz API for the developers – You could check a K2 application instance’s integrity before serving the app to the user.

What will you do with this great Power? Email me at ideas@jeylabs.com and you could score a free personal use PowerToolz license.

PowerToolz is currently at Version 3.1.1 and we are now preparing the tool for supporting the upcoming K2 4.6.11 release. PowerToolz V3.2 and 3.3 are in the making as I write this and the update experience will become automatic and simple.

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