Is “VA Mode” the missing magic in SaaS Platforms?

One of the biggest shifts in business operations we are witnessing is the increasing use of Virtual Assistants.

Many Australian small businesses use VAs to accomplish more things daily to improve their operations.

Over worked business owners see this as a way to improve their work life balance.

In this post I discuss the need for SaaS solutions to support a VA Mode.

At jEyLaBs, we employ technology to improve everyday work experiences for our clients. We spend most of our waking hours playing with technology at the LABS to do this. We have Technology Centres of Excellence where a lot of R&D activity is under taken. We develop products, solutions, integration pieces, controls, gap fillers and so on.

We also use many of the best of breed technology out there for our internal needs. We use Social media heavily. We use automation tools. We also utilise our offshore teams for value add.

We assist clients with not only offshore software services but also business process outsourcing where timezones are taken advantage of to deliver value add.

VIrtual Assistants are used in our business as well. We use them for managing manual tasks that are boring or laborious. We mostly use automated systems for these but there are a set of tasks that just need human touch.

An example of it would be to find a list of articles that we want to dig deep further for some research we are undertaking. A Virtual Assistant trained in such a task would be perfect for this job. Better yet they can do this while you are sleeping (thanks to timezone differences) and the following morning you are ready to work on the most interesting part of the job.

We actually empower our VAs with specific tools. We delegate tasks to our VAs and they should be able to use the systems we have and use them as efficiently as possible. Some times they need to be able to use it exactly as we would.

As an example, If we are using, we would use a team subscription license and get our VA to do some preliminary work. We would then review that shared work and build upon that.

Most SaaS solutions out there allow for team access like this. But they don’t really cater for delegated access. The only way to delegate is for your VA to have access to your account. This is dangerous on a number of fronts and we stay away from this.

This lack of delegation functionality is actually a massive gap in today’s SaaS solutions. This need a Fix.

Linkedin is a prime example of a tool where I would prefer my VA to use my account under a “delegated mode”. I will happily pay an additional fee for this access.

The activity of my VA has to be audited and restricted to certain areas & functions, I grant her access to. It also must go through a review process for certain aspects with content versioning and roll back available.

This one feature will allow me to selectively delegate tasks to VAs and achieve significantly increased levels of productivity. It is a shame that this is not available yet.

In my view, “VA mode” is the single key feature that will change the SaaS model forever.

This is just a small step from the Team level access that most platforms already provide. But, this is the single most productivity boost that none of them are allowing it. I predict that this feature alone will become a reason for SaaS platforms to stand out.

I am happy to work with you on this LinkedIn. You know my contact details 🙂

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