Opening our doors for global delivery…

Customers are looking for outcomes. Using onshore, offshore and mix models, jEyLaBs has been meeting our customer expectations on cost and quality.

jEyLaBs’ global delivery is primarily based on continuous improvement philosophies. Constant feedback is always sought from our customers and brought back to our delivery team through process improvement. We vigorously monitor our own performance and strive to develop smarter, more efficient means of delivering projects.

Using an offshore delivery team brings its own challenges including differences in working hours, language and culture. Having a common standard between our onshore and offshore teams means we are not double managing standards and processes. There is always only one way of achieving objectives and delivering projects. Project management systems are one and the same, and constant, clear communication between management, team members and customers is our number one priority.

Understanding and quickly addressing issues which may impede the successful delivery of a project is imperative. We pride ourselves in our process and systems, as this ultimately allows us to bring to fruition projects designated to us by our customers on time and on budget.

jEyLaBs is opening access to our global delivery centres to customers from September 1. Now any business around the globe can leverage our success. Contact us to learn more from our rich experience.

Our capabilities on offer include K2, C#, PHP, Java and Ruby. We have other “technology on tap” offerings that will be opened up over the coming months. Stay tuned.

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