How to Build Better to Run Better Business Apps?

Businesses are increasingly using applications of all sorts. Mobile apps usage for business purposes is on the rise. Whether you have a formal BYOA/D program in place or not, It is happening in your business.

Efficiency needs drive automation demands of every typical enterprise out there. Big or small all companies have to facilitate the smooth running of applications to constantly serve their users’ needs.

Users expect business apps to be reliable and perform consistently.

Running business applications better starts with having better apps. If you have sloppy, buggy and ageing applications, slow or hard to understand applications or applications that lack the features needed for today’s needs then you are already on a weak ground.

Users have less tolerance to lack of quality and accessibility. They tend to desert bad providers fast even if it is their own IT department. They find alternatives on the cloud and app stores then voila, you have BYOA happening right under your nose.

This state creates massive issues and risks for businesses. Apart from the well debated, well known data and privacy issues, there is a major issue of your Key business processes and IP walking away with your staff. This is never a good position to be in today’s competitive market.

Running business apps better is a requirement with far reaching consequences.

If you get this right you will amass benefits to out gun your competitors easily.

Running apps better requires a good infrastructure, decent connectivity, pretty good security, effective change management processes and efficient support people.

jEyLaBs believes in using a well rounded business apps platform is the key to a better running business.

A solid Business apps platform provides many benefits required to build apps better.

Configurability ranks high as it gives the flexibility to make the apps fit your diverse needs.

Change management, test automation and rich tool support are next in our opinion.

Given the amount of work we have done with K2 and the PowerToolz for automation of K2, we know this quite well.

Easy to use, simple to learn and intuitive to manage  makes a business apps platform very attractive to today’s enterprises.

Configurability of a business apps platform gives you tangible ROI.

Pick a good business apps platform. It will help you build and run better apps.

Want to know more about K2 and our approach to building and running better apps, please check out the K2 immersion experience at

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