How can a configurable business apps platform profit your business?

We all want more from our lives. We are increasingly appreciative of living well now and getting more out of life every day.

The days of working on a job for 40 odd years and retiring well in the 60s feels more like the 60s.

Nowadays People are working on the go, working in very different ways, working at different times, working from different places, doing multiple things and enjoying more.

Citizens, employees, presidents, entrepreneurs, app users, uber drivers, facebookers, paypals and friends are all now more connected, more sharing,  more dreaming, more doing and more demanding.

This has increased the world’s online activity massively and eCommerce is the real commerce of our times.

New business opportunities around newer products and financial models to suit them are all on the rise.

Information is actually the power and empowering workforce to do more and enjoy more at work is now an expected duty for many organisations.

Small or large, each enterprise of today has to deal with workforce productivity very differently than 5 years ago.

Traditionally qualified Technical people on this planet are not enough to serve the needs of the demanding global economy. This is why the so called “citizen developers” and  “business power users” are getting a crucial role to play and get well deserved recognition when it comes to enterprise systems delivery.

A configurable business apps platform encourages elements of your workforce to become more productive and more contributing. They get the power to effect change and innovate immediately.

Process as a culture, can now be well systemised easily using a business apps platform.

Streamlining business processes to reducing cycle times is just one aspect of reducing bottom line costs. Improving response times and reducing reaction times to new market challenges mean top line revenue growth and profits.

To get there, you need to leverage your business power users with the know-how. Empower them with the right tools and support they need from technology experts. This is where the breakthrough comes from and the fat profits follow you for a long time.

A configurable business apps platform is the fitting toolset for enterprises here.

Configurable forms, workflow, data access and reports in a simple, drag and drop, configurable environment such as K2 reduces the barrier to entry for these modern day app developers.

Building technical solutions using code, patching, updating, deploying and keeping expensive coders in the teams to maintain the apps is not good for anyone’s agility or bottom line.

A configurable apps platform, once purchased, lets your business users take charge. jEyLaBs has successfully deployed, trained and supported many K2 environments at the fraction of typical consulting costs. We have delivered tangible ROI.

jEyLaBs uses our remote teams to cost effectively support applications. We assist  & train your app users, power users and citizen developers to do the bulk of the work. We do this without interrupting or intruding into their workstyle.

Our mixed mode delivery model is one of the keys to your success. It makes a configurable app platform highly profitable for your business.

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