What is your Approval rating this week?

Approval ratings are not just for Politicians.

Every day, organisations of all kinds deal with application forms. Interacting with Internal users, contractors, casual employees, customers, partners, institutions, governments and other parties to conducting business involves forms of all sorts.

We have seen forms for quotations, cover notes, rental applications, loan approvals, purchase requests, software request, petty cash forms, market research questionnaires,  leave applications, expense claims, feedback forms, parking fines, refund requests, product order forms, ownership transfer forms, delivery requests, application of interest, vendor onboarding forms, complaint forms, training request, travel request, health and safety survey forms, insurance claims, tender submissions, proposal forms and so on.

People put some effort to fill these out and they expect an outcome to be achieved.

Every day, A good percentage of these forms end up getting rejected for all sort of reasons. Some reasons are simple, valid and straight forward. Some are stupid and even funny.

There is a cost associated with each application form. When you are dealing with large number of forms even a small percentage of them accounts for serious sums of money. It is, therefore, prudent to improve the application process to reduce rejections.

A lot of techniques can be used to reduce errors and mistakes during the application process. Using the correct form and providing the required data is the first step. Making the forms clear and concise is an obvious requirement for this to happen.

jEyLaBs consultants have been involved in business process automation for a long time. We have seen enough mistakes being made around application processes.

Most organisations don’t know what their approval rating is. We help establish this. We also often work with improving it. That is the most exciting part.

Improving approval rates for your application forms in today’s world requires reimagining the whole application process.

It is not hard. It needs some fresh ideas. We just need to teach the old dog some new tricks.

We have been working with retailers to increase revenue from financed white goods purchases. We help with improving the application process with mobile applications that simplify the whole experience.

The solution we have is built around approval ratings. We have some process intelligence components in place to make this solid. The solution deploys to private and public clouds.

We are more than happy to talk to you if you want to improve approvals for your application forms. Just send me a note to improve-my-ratings@jeylabs.com and we will give you access to a comprehensive solution demo.

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