Who is protecting your brand?

All Websites on the Internet are constantly under attack. Whether it is state based actors, criminals or competitors, every website is on the waiting list to be attacked. This is the sad reality of the Internet.

So, Who is protecting your brand from this increasingly alarming threat?

Your website is your 24x7x365 shop front. It is your online entity. If you don’t actively protect it, protect the data you have behind it, protect the systems & processes behind it and most importantly Protect the users who visit your website, pretty soon your brand will become the next victim of an attack.

The last thing you need is your website to become Infected with malware and/or get blacklisted. This will tarnish your brand name. Not to mention the sales opportunities you will lose.

Did you put ALL that effort, time and money on building up your rankings, conceiving and implementing sophisticated features for your site and marketing, only to let an attacker ruin it in minutes?

Unfortunately, All websites on the Internet are under constant malware and bot-attacks. The attackers are sophisticated. They are using increasingly better technology. They have leveraged the power of cloud to launch devastating DDoS attacks. They have stealth and deadly technology. They are actively looking for opportunities to launch zero day attacks.

The result of these attacks is, important data gets stolen, website gets hijacked to send spam, spread viruses, launch further attacks on internet users and other sites and then eventually the website gets blacklisted.

Why should you go through this painful experience? Why should you let this happen to your brand?

Most websites don’t have a chance of defending themselves from these attacks. The serious issue is many of the sites don’t even know that they have been attacked, until it is way too late.

Do you want to let criminals steal your precious data, be it your price list, product configurations, secret sauce recipes, customer details or survey responses?

Do you want your website to become the launch pad for malware attacks on unsuspecting Internet users?

I am assuming the answer is NO!
So, what are you doing about it?
How are you protecting your web presence from malware and bot-attacks?

Do you have an adequate and scalable protection mechanism to counter the evolving internet threats?

Are you able to detect and thoroughly clean up the malware quick?

Are you able to restore the affected functionality back to its former level fast?

Are you able to reliably stop repeated malware infections?

Even the biggest names in the web hosting business don’t offer the level of protection you need to effectively fend off this threat. They don’t focus on it and they don’t have the expertise. What you get is the stock standard whole sale site protection. Which is no match for the professional attackers out there.

Seek protection. Contact your local cyber security experts.

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