Why Digitizing is still Important?

In the age of iPhone 6, one might wonder whether there is need for Scanners or Scanning for digitizing paper. The reality is, our world is still full of paper. Every day, We are generating brand new paper. Although most documents are born as digital documents they are still getting printed for reviews and more importantly to get physical signatures on them.

There are still many organisations that are comfortable with using paper the old way and they do not want to fix it. It was interesting for me to sit at boardroom listening to execs talking about how they do not want to change the paper based processes as they just work for them. My question to them was, will it still work for their organisation in 2 years?

At jEyLaBs, we still print some of our contracts due to the requirements around signing using ink and witnessing. We are more than capable of managing versions, reviews and workflow using best of technology. But, when it comes to legal requirements we are still living in the world of lawyers and people who follow the doctrine of if it is not signed it is not signed off.

I think Emails, Digital signatures, PDF signing and cameras on mobile apps can provide more than adequate evidence including conversation trail, read only versions, server based proof, video & voice evidence, GPS tagging for location identification and time stamps to validate authenticity of signing of documents and “agreement”. However, none of this has stopped the creation of new paper and that paper is so important to be digitized.

Partnering with Kodak, jEyLaBs continues to strive towards paving the way for a paperless society. We recently introduced a versatile range of Kodak Scanners. They have the capacity to facilitate everything from scanning at receptionist’s desk to to high-volume production. Don’t let the continuous creation of paper let you down on the electronic frontier. Digitize your documentation with unparalleled precision and efficiency with the power of cutting edge Kodak scanning technology. jEyLaBs integrates scanning technology with organisational workflow applications, Reporting and Mobile delivery to provide true end to end paperless solutions. Check out http://www.jeylabs.com/kodak-alaris-scanners/

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