PowerToolz for K2 now with SmartForms tester, Test planning, Scheduler and more…

jEyLaBs just released an updated version of our PowerToolz for K2. This version contains major new features such as the most awaited  SmartForms Tester, Test Planner, Test Scheduler and additional reports through Test Reporter.

Testing SmartForms repeatedly is a time consuming task. jEyLaBs has added intuitive forms testing features specifically to ease this pain in this release. You can visually fill in the forms and PowerToolz will script the test case for you.

Test planning of K2 applications are now done within the PowerToolz itself. Test Planner makes it easy to define the plan and document the test cases and link them to Power scripts.

You can now keep all your test plans and test cases along with Test scripts in one tool. PDF reports against Test plan execution are generated and can be emailed to project stake holders.

You can also schedule test plan execution easily and track the progress of testing against the plan with our gorgeous new reports. The Scheduler executes the test scripts at predefined schedules.

SmartObjects, Processes and Smartforms all can be grouped and tested as complete applications and monitored for issues and bottle necks. With this release PowerToolz has now become a solid test automation infrastructure for your K2 environments.

PowerToolz is available via subscription or perpetual licensing. Please contact powertoolz@jeylabs.com.au to get hold of an evaluation copy.

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