Why SharePoint Hybrid Cloud?

Office365 is the Microsoft cloud offering that brings a completely managed office environment to the masses.

jEyLaBs has been using microsoft cloud internally since the BPOS days and we are now operating on a hybrid environment across time zones.

We have been assisting customers go paperless and online with cloud, on-prem and hybrid solutions.

With Cloud use in Australia surpassing the tipping point, we see the number of customers moving to Office365 Hybrid environments steadily rising.

Office365 is a quick way for your enterprise to get online. You can get people authenticating using Azure Directory and have email, storage, sites, presence and www within days. You have the familiar desktop office suite and users can become very productive with cloud and mobile use of it.

When it comes to customisation and serious enterprise applications you really have to look at azure. Mucking around with office365 is not really an effective option right now. It is a managed environment after all. How much specialised can it be?

The data and apps you already have behind your firewall needs to be connected as well for a seamless experience.

Not all on-prem software has complete parity in their cloud offerings. While vendors are mad at working hard to fix it having half the users on cloud will just going to crash and burn your cloud strategy quickly.

Hybrid is the way to go. Get your on-prem tuned while some of your cloud bits are working.

Using a hybrid SharePoint environment offers you best of both worlds.

As microsoft perfects its cloud, you can adjust slowly and steadily towards a complete cloud vision. It is visibly there but still far away.

jEyLaBs helps customers with Automation, Integration, Migration and Modernisation offerings to go Hybrid SharePoint. Talk to us for a best practice based approach to Hybrid SharePoint.

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